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Pruning Plan ​​​​​​

All you need to do is express interest in our pruning program and we can get you all set up.  What we do is basically assess all your trees and shrubs on your property or at least the ones you would like maintained.  We would then develop a plan to prune them all by taking into account many factors, which include, type of tree, cycles of insects and disease, specific types of pruning required and over all health of the tree.  Depending on the health of the tree, fertilizing may be required as well as an initial pruning.  The first 3 years on the program will be what I like to call "target pruning", which encompasses pruning specific needs of the tree spaced out over time to ensure that the tree maintains its energy levels to heal the wounds caused by pruning.  This will eliminate over pruning of your tree and removing too much of the trees food all at once and maintain the energy your tree requires.  Generally when an arborist is called in to prune trees they are already very overgrown.  Then the arborist will remove far too much of the trees branches in one pruning cycle.  The tree will try to compensate for lost branches by stored energy in the root system.  So you will get a lot of shoot growth throughout the tree.  Our pruning program will always have your trees health as its primary objective.   Getting on our pruning program will give you discounts on all the pruning that is required and will be more cost effective and easier to budget.  Our plan will have set schedules so you will know what pruning is happening and when, with specific dates and costs associated.   If you are at all interested in getting on our pruning program don't hesitate to give us a call and get your pruning plan completed today.